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An early look at Severndroog Castle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. rob Administrator

    Many thanks to Laura, the recently appointed Heritage Manager at Severndroog Castle, for showing me around the 18th century folly in Oxleas wood on Shooters Hill today. Great progress has been made on the building, which will include a ground floor cafe, an events space and an education room when it opens. The exceptional views at the top mean you will be able to see six counties on a clear day.

    Work is still under way to get education panels created and they are in the process of selecting an operator to run the cafe - I understand all the contenders are locally based.

    I took a few photos today - not too many as I think it deserves to have photos taken on a nicer day than today, but they give an insight in to how it's looking.

    [IMG]There are three turrets on the tower - one of them has been decked out and is accessible.

    [IMG]Looking over the edge

    [IMG]Lovely to watch the parakeets dancing around the tree tops from these windows!

    It's due to open some time this Spring although a final date is yet to be confirmed. There will be opportunities for people to get involved and volunteer to help make the restored tower a success.

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