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Bert and Betty to close in March

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. rob Administrator

    The rather lovely kitchenware and hardware shop Bert and Betty in Greenwich South Street is to close early in March. They announced in a message to their email list and also on Twitter that the store would close on March 2nd and a "farewell sale" will get under way on 11th February.

    Email from Bert and Betty

    From: bertandbetty
    Subject: News, Bert & Betty
    Date: 10 February 2013 19:29:44 GMT

    After a challenging 18 months, and an ever increasingly gloomy economic forecast, I have made the sad decision to close Bert & Betty.
    Along with Sian, Leslie, Kyela, Katy, Claudia and Taylor, I have greatly enjoyed serving you over the past four years, and being part of the independent shopping community in Greenwich.
    However, the recession, along with price rises and ever increasing costs, have proved too much for us as they have for many other independent and chain stores.
    Our farewell sale will start tomorrow, on Monday 11th February, and we will close our doors on Saturday 2nd March.
    I thank you for your custom, friendship and cooking stories good and bad, and wish you all the best.

    Bert & Betty
    25 Greenwich South Street
    SE10 8NT
    020 8853 8708
  2. mike chambers New Member

    parking costs and restrictions is the main down fall for business in greenwich council take note lol no chance
  3. Suzanne New Member

    Sorry to lose Bert and Betty. MP Lynne Featherstone is campaigning for 30 minutes' free parking in her part of London. This could help local traders a lot. Maybe Greenwich Council could be persuaded?
  4. Md78 Member

    What a real shame that is, I love that shop. All the nice independents to peruse and make those impulsive purchases from seem to be shutting in Greenwich, its such a shame the town is going to be such a boring place if these units become estate agents or lie vacant. So far in 2013 we have lost Compendia, Homefront, Stitches & Daughters and now Bert & Betty, not to mention other places like La Solenta, the Beachcomber, Mambo Latino and Bar du Musee.... By the end of this year the place will be unrecognisable from how it looked in 2012.

    Not sure THAT many people really drive to Greenwich to shop so cheap parking may not be the solution? The problem as I see it is a combination of rising rents as well as a poor retail mix. The town seems to be a place to visit on a Sunday and window shop around the market rather than having shops that regularly attract Londoners to come shopping here. I hate to say it but we may need a few more chain clothes shops to build up footfall so the independents can thrive too and have a future. At present its very much gift shops, restaurants and weirdly, mobile phone shops - nothing to attract regular shoppers. I would like to see a few high quality chains open to compliment the knick-knack places such as Urban Outfitters or something, to raise the towns profile as a retail destination somewhat and drive footfall for independents. The only problem is our relatively useless Council has never viewed Greenwich as a retail centre beyond the touristy stuff so any spare land in the town centre which could have accommodated something has now gone to residential or educational when a retail led scheme may have turned around the towns ailing fortunes. Maybe the Waitrose will help....fingers crossed.
  5. mike chambers New Member

    they dont drive because of of the horrendous parking costs we dont need high street chains the independents serve the location well...the truth is greenwich council want tourists not locals (londoners) to shop in their borough
  6. PeacheyPhoto Member

    MORE chain shops? Surely not! and another Supermarket? Come on. We've got Costa, Starbucks, Waterstone's, Subway, M&S, Pizza Express, Joy, Boots, Sainsbury's, Co-Op, not even mentioning the new development of multi-national eateries along the river. When will people realise chains do not help independent shops - they drive them out because they drive up raise rents. 10 years ago Greenwich used to be an interesting and thriving centre for independent retailers, tourists and shoppers alike. Over the last few years we've watched the chains move in and the interesting shops die out. You only need to venture up Trafalgar Road to see what high rents and food chains moving in can do to an area. People come to Greenwich for the experience; the more it turns itself into every other high street in Britain the fewer people will visit that's why all this is so shortsighted.
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  7. Dazza Member

    And don't forget that Bullfrogs (Clothes) and Darlings of Chelsea will be closing up soon to become a building site! Remember what it was like when we had the Burger King building site for years before it became Helva Restaurant?
    When I heard about the Market development was put on permanent hold, I thought we could have a more coherent 'policy' for Traders as a whole in Greenwich. Maybe a Traders Assoc that could stand up for ALL traders in town? It worked when 'we' had 'BarrierGate' last summer, 'we' were listened to then!!
  8. Md78 Member

    When I said more chains I thought I was clear that I do not endorse more chain eateries or supermarkets, but if not then I will clear that up now. The arrival of Costa etc is a nightmare. Eaterie wise Greenwich is useless at present and why no entrepreneur has opened an urban kitchen style place, a modern bistros, or even a funky cafe.... is incredible. Blackheath has more of these nice independent cafes compared to Greenwich.

    I do however think we need MORE high end multiples, somewhere nice to buy clothes, beauty products etc... (such as Joy which we have) such as Urban Outfitters, House of Fraser or even a Zara would fit the University feel to the town and COULD compliment the independents . Greenwich needs to appeal more to Londoners, who will shop regularly, not just tourists seeking one-offs. Of course we need a blend of the both, like there is in Blackheath, East Dulwich, Clapham or Richmond. Nice independents mixed with higher-end multiples and quirky cafes and restaurants. These places prove they can survive together, the rents have already been driven up so what we have at present isn't working and the current retail offer is too limited .
  9. Md78 Member

    @ Dazza - whats happening Bullfrogs/Darlings??
  10. GORN Member

    I'm surprised any businesses can keep going in that area - too far from the central hub to attract much trade.
  11. rob Administrator

    The landlord - Greenwich Hospital - is demolishing the buildings and planning to rebuild to match the look of neighbouring properties.
  12. Dazza Member

    Good to see that the Market Pancake Race prizes were donated by Bert and Betty. Still supporting the community despite closing on 2nd March. Good on you Bert and Betty, Thanks!!

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