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Getting Started and House Rules

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. rob Administrator

    Thank you for visiting the Greenwich.co.uk forum - hopefully a useful, friendly place to chat about living in Greenwich, working in Greenwich and visiting Greenwich.

    Greenwich.co.uk has traditionally been an SE10 website but we do have an audience elsewhere in the borough too so feel free to also discuss Charlton, Woolwich, Eltham etc and if theres's enough interest, there might be dedicated sections in the future.

    Here's some very brief points on using the forum that will probably evolve over time:

    1) Please be respectful to other posters.
    2) Please don't post offensive content, anything likely to be considered libellous or hate speech.
    3) Please don't post adverts promoting your own business (although you are welcome to make use of the Signature option in your profile to mention your business)
    4) Please don't astroturf or register multiple identities in order to deceive.

    Hopefully most of that goes without saying but it's probably worth saying anyway! :)


    Forum user Jezebel had a great idea for an introductions thread and got the ball rolling so why not head there and say Hi if you're stuck for a first post idea.

    Posting Photos

    It's great to see your photos of Greenwich! You can share them by using the Upload a File button below the "compose message" window, you can click the Insert image button above the compose message window if you already have the picture online and know the url (ie http://www.somedomain.somewhere/pic.jpg) or you can use the share code from a social media site such as Flickr (normal HTML and BBcode should work fine).

    Please only share photos that are yours or you have permission to share.

    Classified Listings

    Our classified listings section is a good place to post things like furniture for sale, rooms offered and wanted etc. The kind of thing you'd read at the back of a local paper or put on a postcard at the newsagent shop window.

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