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Greenwich Conservatives issue statement on Cllr Glover

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. rob Administrator

    Cllr Eileen Glover is no longer in the Conservative group on Greenwich Council. The party has issued this statement:

    Statement regarding Eileen Glover leaving Greenwich Conservatives

    Please note the statement regarding Eltham South Councillor selection which can be found at http://www.greenwichconservatives.com/news/1434

    Councillor Eileen Glover’s appeal against the selection of candidates for Eltham South ward has been rejected. While Councillor Glover remains unhappy with this outcome, it is clear that the Conservative Party’s procedures for candidate selection were pursued accurately and the process was fair.

    Cllr Glover has now stated, both publically and privately, that she intends to stand as an independent candidate against the Conservatives selected for Eltham South ward. Such an action is incompatible with continued membership of the Conservative Group of Councillors in Greenwich and as a result the whip has been withdrawn from Cllr Glover.

    It is disappointing for the Federation that any sitting Councillor chooses to put their own personal interests above those of their local community and the Conservative Party. Greenwich Conservatives are absolutely committed to ensuring Matt Clare, Mark Elliott and Nuala Geary are elected in Eltham South ward next year. All three live in Eltham South ward (unlike Cllr Glover) and we strongly believe will be excellent advocates for the area.
  2. Darryl Member

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  3. rob Administrator

    Well done Darryl for spotting and tweeting that Cllr Glover had been removed from the Greenwich Conservatives website. Her page on the council website has also been updated to reflect her not being in the Conservative group, too.
  4. Darryl Member

    Just had a quick look-see, and Eileen lives about 300 yards outside the ward she represents.

    Thanks, Rob. Think the council should be branding her as "independent" - all they've done is deleted the Conservative logo. When was the last time Greenwich had an independent councillor? Will there be any others soon?
  5. Trevor Allman New Member

    Probably I was the last Independent Councillor, when I was kicked out of the Labour Group in 1987.
  6. rob Administrator

  7. Trevor Allman New Member

    He was suspended from the Labour Group, but he never declared himself Independent, nor left the Labour Party, as I did.
  8. rob Administrator

    If you are not in a group, are you not, be default, independent?
  9. Trevor Allman New Member

    Not necessarily. Normally, if you're suspended, its until a decision has been made as to continued membership, and from my experience, most Councillors suspended actually want to get back in the Group, so continue to vote in line with the Group to ensure the situation not worsened, so are de facto, not "Independent".
    In my case, I was suspended, and did not vote in line with Labour Group, as had no desire to go back, and was thus truly "Independent" and formed the Socialist Group (of one !!), of which I became Leader .

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