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Greenwich Council must remove new 'street trading license' say small businesses

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matthew Jaffa, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Matthew Jaffa New Member

    The Federation of Small Businesses are aware of other Councils looking to raise revenue through a similar street license scheme, however, we strongly plead with Greenwich Council to review and dismiss this damaging policy. For many businesses it could be a tipping point towards ceasing business operations.

    One member recently told us that he wanted to grow his mobile phone business in the high street by potential advertising outside his shops but that this charge simply put him off.

    Greenwich needs a thriving high street and we feel this measure sends the wrong signal to businesses looking to make their businesses prosper and employ more staff – which is vital to the local community.

    The FSB recently re-launched our campaign to ‘Keep Trade Local’ and the concern amongst members in Greenwich is that rather than ‘encourage trade to continue’ as you outline in your letter on the New Street Trading Policy, it will make it harder for businesses to carry out their activities.

    We have launched a petition for Greenwich to rethink this policy and hope you will join us in the fight.



    Federation of Small Businesses - London Region
  2. Darryl Member

    So has Greenwich actually implemented this?
  3. Matthew Jaffa New Member

    It is now being fully implemented. The FSB is fully behind local independent retailers to make them think about what it will do to small businesses.
  4. Darryl Member

    Thank you Matthew. This sounds crazy.
  5. Neil Member

    There's something about this in the latest Westcombe Park News. I didn't get the chance to read it properly, but it seemed to imply that it would apply to florists putting flowers outside, cafes having a couple of tables outside, etc - ie the sort of thing that's made Old Dover Rd a more attractive place in recent years. Crazy. And meanwhile, the big supermarkets get free advertising in Greenwich Time...
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  6. Stewart Member

    It has been happening in boroughs like Haringey for a good few years now. Street licenses, along with terrible parking restrictions, has caused a lot of trouble for small retailers.
  7. Paul T Member

    I just heard that all the shops on Royal Hill, who were told a year or two ago that they had to remove things like fruit displays but had the order rescinded, have now been informed they will have to pay for a licence, well over £1000 a year.

    These shops, like the Creaky Shed, make a positive contribution to the local environment and create employment. Studies have shown that smaller local shops make a proportionately bigger financial contribition to the local area than the huge supermarkets. The Council should be expending more effort helping small businesses, and put less effort into helping Tescos. Not to mention that Drings don't sell horsemeat, and that the local shops are significantly cheaper than than Sainsburys and the Co Op.

    Maureen O Mara is apparently involved with this, so please do email her if you can and help us save our smaller shops.
  8. Darryl Member

  9. Chris Member

    They really are grasping bar stewards. I also think Old Dover Road is a far more pleasant place with the completely unobtrusive use of the pavement by traders. I've signed the petition up there.

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