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Greenwich Market planning app submitted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. rob Administrator

    Greenwich Market landlords, Greenwich Hospital, have issued this press release alongside the submission of their planning application for changes at the market. They announced in 2012 that they were abandoning their big regeneration project including a new hotel in favour of incremental improvements and enhancements.



    Greenwich Hospital has submitted a planning application to the Royal Borough of Greenwich for a series of enhancements to Greenwich Market and the area around it, to meet the needs of market stallholders and retailers and to boost the Market’s purpose as a vibrant town centre for local residents and visitors.

    The enhancements were the subject of a public consultation held by Greenwich Hospital during Autumn 2013, and include:
    • A new glass / solid covering for the Market roof using the existing iron frame, which will increase daylight and improve ventilation.
    • The restoration and relaying of the existing Market cobbles to improve access and drainage.
    • The creation of new public open space in Fry’s Court, currently a service yard, with a new pavilion to extend the market in busy periods and to host community events.
    • The restoration and extension to the rear of buildings along Durnford Street, to create high quality new retail space.
    The enhancements have been designed by architects and urban planners Barr Gazetas. The brief from the Hospital included the use of rigorous design values informed by the heritage significance of the site and by the involvement of the traders, retailers and the local community. These values were summarised as:

    1. Enhance the most valuable historic assets in the town centre.
    2. Restore existing structures and buildings for long term beneficial use.
    3. Improve facilities for traders, retailers and visitors.
    4. Create new flexible public open space.
    5. Enhance the infrastructure of the town centre area.

    Commenting today, Hugh Player, Director of Greenwich Hospital said:

    “We are delighted to submit this planning application. This will be an opportunity for Greenwich Hospital to make essential improvements to the Market – particularly the replacement of the 1950s roof – and has given the Hospital the opportunity to create accessible public open space, making a much more pleasant environment for visitors, retailers and traders in Fry’s Court, and to bring the historic buildings on Durnford Street back to life.”

    “We would like to encourage local residents to visit Greenwich on a regular basis, to spend time enjoying the delights of their town as well as the many UK and international visitors who visit the historic attractions of Greenwich. The enhancements will make the market a lighter and brighter place to be, and create lively new areas for people to eat, drink and shop, while preserving the unique historical character of the site.”

    Jon Eaglesham, Director of Barr Gazetas said:

    “We are designing improvements that sensitively enhance rather than wholeheartedly transform the area. They meet the needs of existing residents and retailers, and will attract international visitors while respecting the area’s extraordinary heritage. We have engaged with local sentiment and have produced a series of enhancements that Greenwich can be proud of.”

    The application can be viewed on the Royal Borough of Greenwich website, reference number 14/0074/F.
  2. Jack Cross Member

    This is good news overall, and much better than what the Hospital had planned to do before - I hear there's a new team there now. The retention of the existing roof frame, rather than the horrible design they were proposing before, is a step in the right direction, and the specific commitment to restore the banana warehouse and stables on Durnford St (rather than demolish them to make space for rubbish compactors) is the best thing I have heard in ages.
    This shows that the forces of evil don't always triumph, so it's always worth making a fuss - next project the Crane St/Trident Hall Hotel monstrosity.

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