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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jezebel, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Jezebel Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I couldn't see an introductions page but I'm sure most of us already know one another on here. My names Teri Warke, until recently a local photographer. I'm on twitter as @jezebeldusk
    Usually around Greenwich quite often with my pup Phoenix.

    Anything else you want to know just ask.

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  2. lararuffle Member

    Great idea Teri! :).

    I'm Lara Ruffle and I work in central London for a media company managing the production of DVD and Blu-Rays for various clients. Oooooh.

    I also take photos, sing, have a website and love Greenwich to bits.

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  3. Clare Member


    I'm Clare, I live in Catford but seem to spend quite a bit of time in and around Greenwich for one reason or another. I'm @clogsilk on twitter and I talk a lot!
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  4. Gema Member

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Gema! I live in Deptford (or West Greenwich as it is otherwise known, ahem). I irregularly update the SouthEastCentral forum for Deptford/Greenwich, write Deptford-based articles for Deptfordhighstreet.co.uk, update my blog rarely on Japanese sweets and talk cat-based nonsense on Twitter.

    I'll try and pop by often!
  5. sony wolf Member

    Hello Everyone
    I'm Sony I live in Greenwich, (as did my ancestors before me) i'm an animal lover, have a rescue cat called vixen., have a strong affinity with wolfs and native american spirituality. I studied mental health nursing. I can often be seen around Greenwich rescuing bees that are in their resting state and the occasional snail :) I'm on twitter as sony_wolfmaiden

    Sony x
  6. Jezebel Member

    And she's also my mummatron! :)
  7. Chris Ilett New Member

    Well that killed the conversation...
  8. lararuffle Member

  9. rob Administrator

    Difficult to top that maybe?
  10. Chris Ilett New Member

    I was going to say - beat that!
  11. Dazza Member

    Now that I have sorted out an Avatar.....

    I'm Daren (Aka @MisterGreenich) I live, love, eat, sleep and dream of Greenwich! So many happy, lovely people in our little bit of Paradise in South East London.
    I'm making it my job to promote #Grinnidge to the world and in the meantime (geddit??) bring out the Community spirit in all of us.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, then please either post them on here or follow me on Twitter and let's show the world that Greenwich people are the best!!
    (That concludes this Rant on behalf of the Lunatic with the loud voice who's been seen terrorising Greenwich on a w/end)
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  12. Jezebel Member

    Lol I thought that was you. Nice to have you around.
  13. GORN Member

    I'm (good old reliable) Nick, and have lived in the Royal Standard area for about 12 years. Before that I lived on the other side of the tracks, in Lee. I tweet as @GORN61.
  14. Nugi Member

    Hi everybody, I'm Noga, new to the area but already loving every minute of it (well maybe not those minutes spent on the train at rush hour but other than that-I'm happy).I do at vfx for a living.
    This forum is a great idea for someone like me who wants to know more about the area so thanks for sharing:).
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  15. Chris Member

    I'm Chris and been meaning to become a member since Rob altered the format at the beginning of the year. I am a journalist (Rob knows who I work for) now out to grass in the London newsroom after years of reporting from abroad getting some scars and eventually PTSD. It was glamorous most of the time!
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  16. Mark Member

    Hi all,

    My name is Mark, I've lived in Greenwich for about a year. I have joined this forum for two reasons- firstly, to keep in touch with the local community (something that I really like about Greenwich versus other parts of London I've lived in) and secondly, (I hope this is okay) to ask for support from the local community in a competition I've entered to sail from Australia to China. My full application is here: http://tinyurl.com/pleasehelpgreenwichresidentwin.


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  17. nerijus.vr New Member

    I'm Nerijus. I live in Brockley, so just around the corner. I like photography and also run painting and decorating firm.
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  18. SallyB Member

    I am Sally a new member of the forum. I am a food, wine, travel and gardening freak and love Greenwich and its environs.
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  19. Chris Member

    Lovely flower display Sally!
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  20. Alan Palmer Member

    Hi all,

    I just realised that I've never posted in this section of the forum although I've been a member since January 2013. I've lived in Greenwich all my life (over 60 years) and wouldn't ever want to move elsewhere. I run the Greenwich Guide site in my spare time; it is aimed chiefly at visitors to Greenwich. I also tweet as @arnie_ regular extracts from the 'Greenwich Day by Day' part of my site, showing what happened on that day x years ago.

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