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New IKEA proposed in Greenwich

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. rob Administrator

    IKEA are proposing a new branch in Greenwich and have announced a public exhibition in November ahead of applying for planning permission. They want to take over the Greenwich Sainsbury's and former Comet at Bugsby's Way. Sainsbury's already have plans approved to move to a new site in nearby Charlton.

    Public exhibition: 10.00am – 11.30am Saturday 9 November 2013 at Sherard Hall of The Forum @ Greenwich, Trafalgar Road, London, SE10 9EQ.

    More info here http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/campaigns/greenwich_store.html

    Would you welcome a new IKEA in SE10?
  2. JoMarie357 New Member

    That land will be used for something that will involve extra vehicles and a bigger influx of people - whether it's residential or another store. The point needs to be what will be done to support the infrastructure when more congestion occurs. Busy Christmas periods gridlock the one way system under the flyover as well as Peratree Avenue and Bugsby way. Perhaps a direct entrance/exit somehow from the A102? to ease local roads - but that will probably spill onto local roads and also cause more congestion via Blackwall Tunnel. There seems little point in being overly concerned about WHAT will go there - just how anything more popular than a supermarket can be altered to ensure the frequent 25 minute it can take to travel 132 metres on the Woolwich Road from my street to the A102 doesn't become even MORE ridiculous!!!
  3. louche_boy New Member

    I agree JoMarie357...I would much rather have something than nothing...irrelevant that it's IKEA, but infrastructure should suit the demand of such a business.
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  4. Darryl Member

    Ikea's been interested in this area for years - I remember hearing it was sniffing around the Charlton retail parks in the late 90s, before the Greenwich Shopping Park was built. I remember thinking back then if the traffic could cope.

    More than a decade on, I really don't think the infrastructure can cope with another big retailer. Peartree Way's already gridlocked at weekends, Bugsby's Way struggles with the existing retail parks and a bigger Sainsburys/M&S in Charlton will add to the pressures. Granted, the site's probably the best-served in Britain for buses, but you can't fit a flat-packed wardrobe on a bus. Look at the queues at Ikea Croydon and Neasden.

    And air pollution on Peartree Way already breaks EU limits: http://www.silvertowntunnel.co.uk/our-study/our-results/d04-peartree-way/ - you're looking at a development that'd push up pollution around Fearon Street and Aldeburgh Street.

    Having easy access to an Ikea would be great - but I really don't think our streets can cope.
  5. rob Administrator

    Slight tangent: wasn't there a shop in Greenwich once called "No Ikea"?
  6. Darryl Member

    Back in the early/mid-90s, yes. On Trafalgar Road, I think.
  7. Mary Member

    Please keep us in touch with your comments. Can I add a couple - and I haven't seen the plans yet any more than anyone else. First I think it will see the end of the little 'nature' area at the back of Sainsburys - and in fact all the environmental aspirations of that store (silly windmills included) . Second there is a very real issue about everyday shopping for people who live on the Millennium Village. At the moment the Sainsbury's shop is walking distance for most residents. But that will go.
  8. Beabarb New Member

    What about all the new properties being crammed into the borough? They need to buy their furniture from somewhere, we might as well have the jobs locally as elsewhere! And there's always Asda's for the shopping!
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  9. kilmisp New Member

    Sainsbury's is moving along to road to where Wickes used to be (http://charltonchampion.co.uk/2011/09/21/greenwich-sainsburys-store-plans-move-to-charlton/), and as Beabarb says, there's also ASDA. I'm v worried about the traffic situation, though. Even now, at times, it can take 10 minutes to get out of the car park - it will be much worse with an IKEA store. To be honest, it's neither here nor there if there are multiple buses going past the site - most people want to drive to the store (you can't fit a bed on a bus!). I love IKEA. But is this the best place for one?
  10. Monica New Member

    I would be delighted of having Ikea nearby :)
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  11. SteveE New Member

    I find myself largely in agreement with kilmisp. Whilst I wouldn't profess to love IKEA, I do seem to visit the Lakeside store rather often. Therefore, the idea of having one nearby is initially appealing. However, I am extremely sceptical that the local transport infrastructure is up to the job. The idea that a significant proportion of customers will use public transport seems like pure fantasy unless they are planning on piloting a new type of IKEA Metro that only sells pot plants and meatballs. I am willing to keep an open mind and am happy to be proved wrong if IKEA can produce proper compelling evidence to the contrary but the evidential barrier must be set pretty high here. After all, traffic chaos is not a theoretical issue based on projections, it is happening now and anything that may contribute to a worsening situation must be approached with extreme cuation.
  12. rob Administrator

    Here's a link to the Screening Opinion planning request that's been submitted to the council for this new IKEA (where they are asking the council in the first instance whether or not they need to produce an Environmental Impact Assessment report)

    The accompanying letter says:

    "The proposed retail unit will utilise the existing car park, and the car parking
    numbers will remain the same. Customer access to the retail park, including the
    proposed retail unit will remain as existing. Likewise the servicing access will
    remain unaltered and will be from the north of the site off Bugsby’s Way."
  13. Shez New Member

    I am really concerned about the proposed Ikea.

    Whilst like many people I have no objection to Ikea as a company and have visited there stores I have material concerns over them opening in such a residential area like Greenwich.

    My reasons are like many of yours already discussed.

    Increased congestion. It is indisputable that Ikea will attract a significant volume of people by car, regardless of their reduced or even free delivery offer. I know myself I would generally prefer to take my car because of the "what if" factor i.e not sure what I might see it might be lots of smaller items which you cant get delivered but also too heavy to carry on public transport e.g. Pictures, rugs, kitchen ware etc, and more importantly I want the goods immediately and not the hassle of waiting in or taking a day off. There us also the spare of the moment impulse visit when someone is in the vicinity in their car.

    It is also the case that depending on where you are coming from public transport at the weekend may not be practical and more difficult particularly with families and children. Currently Charlton/Greenwich suffers from congestion as a result of the Blackwall tunnel, woolwich ferry, Charlton Football. This is the case when those are running smoothly let alone when there are service issues. In addition there is the new development with over 300 additional flats, the relocation of Sainsburys and road maintenance. In addition I understand a Debenhams and Next home store are in the pipeline.

    - The perception of our area in East Greenwich versus Central Greenwich town will be even more the poor relative given our end of the town already has large high street chains unlike the more artisan shops in central. The addition of Ikea will further this and is not for local residents but will attract people far and wide.

    - Potential reduction the value of housing in the area given relatively few people would want to live/buy houses in an area which is moving towards a congested shopping destination rather than a residential area.

    Whilst I appreciate it will offer employment in the area I feel the negatives outweigh
  14. Chris Member

    Hmmm, And another thing.

    I reckon loads of commuters are now using the car park and jumping on a bus to North Greenwich. When I visited a virtually empty Sainsbury's yesterday, there wasn't a parking space to be had nearby. My wife (who has a disability making it hard for her to walk) said it was the same today. The other week we went to the cinema during the afternoon (again empty) and we had to park over 100 yards away!

    Anyone else notice this?
  15. rob Administrator

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