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Petition against Run to the Beat

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. rob Administrator

    Darryl from 853 has tweeted a link to a petition against the Run to the Beat half marathon event.

    The reasons against the race, which has a "circle" course beginning and ending at the O2, given by the petition creator Annie Keys are:
    • No bus service for the day (in an area of only 40% car ownership)
    • No ability to use cars
    • Completely cutting off the local hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital ( with proposals to close Lewisham A&E and a recently amalgamation of maternity services into Woolwich)
    • No consultation with residents
    • No community benefit
    What do you think of Run to the Beat? Will you welcome it back this year? Maybe you've run it before or are planning to run in it this year?
  2. Darreb Member

    I think we all need to be a bit careful with this one, most of the above "issues" also apply to the marathon and lets face it most people love that and certainly wouldn't want to give the impression that we wanted it moved away from Greenwich.

    The big issue with Run To The Beat has been the consultation, maybe it would be better to stick with that issue and pressure for improvement.
  3. Marilyn Member

    I can understand why some people are annoyed about the lack of consultation and also the inconvenience of road closures, hundreds of people "invading" our local spaces, etc. From my perspective, I really like Run to the Beat and I think it would be a shame if it goes elsewhere. Although I admit that I don't live in a part of Greenwich that's majorly affected by it.

    I think that the hosting ethos that we embraced during London 2012 should continue with these smaller events. Plus we should welcome events that encourage people to take up running and other active exercise. I bet there are a lot of local people who run this half marathon each year - many of whom wouldn't stand a chance of ever getting a place in the London marathon, or who may not want to run the full marathon distance. And let's not forget the money that this half marathon raises for various charities.

    My sister's flown over here from abroad twice to run to the beat, as has her son. And I've been out there supporting the runners most years since this half marathon started.

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  4. GORN Member

    I came across Run To The Beat for the first time last year when on the first occasion I was able to visit the park after it had been closed for the Olympics I found it had been occupied by an intrusive and dreadful noise. I don't want to see it in the park again.

    I am also getting a bit fed up with the assumption of all and sundry that because we host the start of the London marathon once a year we must also be happy to host every other sporting event that needs roads closed. The marathon is disruptive and can be frustrating if you need to drive somewhere, but it's tolerable because (a) it's a bit of fun that has become a Greenwich and Blackheath tradition and (b) it's only once a year. Expecting us to give up our mobility for 4% or more of our Sundays is becoming a bit of a chore.

    How much money does the council get for allowing an event like this?
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  5. Darryl Member

    If RTTB became something like a Greenwich borough half-marathon or 10K, starting in Eltham and finishing in Greenwich town centre, it'd be great. I was in Bath the other weekend when the half-marathon was on and there was a great atmosphere.

    But instead, it just causes more hassle than it's worth, shuts people in for most of the day and the organisers (and council) happily ride roughshod over what local people think. To use one of their favourite phrases, the council should "show leadership" and reroute it, or tell it to go and bother someone else.
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  6. GORN Member

    Could they perhaps hire the Valley or the Den for the day, and run round that with their music blaring?
  7. Annie New Member

    In the last few days I have been contacted by runners and residents almost all want to see this event continue and many have pointed out benefits.

    It seems to be Greenwich's Marmite issue. On reflection, I think this event is here to stay. This Monday RTTB has its launch for the 2013 run and the runners are getting excited and making plans, a Charlton Mummies Facebook group is organising a team run.

    There is no doubt this event will get bigger and bigger as it becomes more popular across the region and with charities who will rely on the income it generates. So this is the time to take a look at the route, the organisation and to discuss minimising disruption. Five years on is really time to learn lessons from the very well organised events like the Marathon. Lets have a look at the route, the transport links and the benefits this event could have to the community.

    I can see why organisers want to start and finish in the Dome, its a testament to those who designed and built it -that big events are attracted to it. So its up to us with the organisers to find solutions to keep Greenwich running and minimises disruption and just makes the event better for all.

    So sign the petition that opposes the circle route and lets make RTTB look at a better route for the future.
  8. Darryl Member

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  9. Darryl Member

    Two months to go - anyone heard anything? Any sign of any consultation or discussion with residents?
  10. MattF New Member

    I've heard nothing at all which, considering your report in March suggested the race would run outside my house, locking in several streets (which would need full consultation I believe as they are open during the Marathon) - concerns me slightly.
    I notice the official RTTB website still hasn't revealed the actual route either, I wonder why..
  11. Darryl Member

    A Greenwich Council licensing committee is meeting next Wednesday (stupidly early time - 5.30pm) to discuss RTTB. It's open to the public, let them know if you want to speak or contact your local councillor.

    The objections are very interesting, as is the revelation that RTTB is giving the council £20,000 to hold the race... next year.

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  12. GORN Member

  13. Greenwich Lass New Member

    The event is starting and finishing in Greenwich park and I for one can't wait to take part once again in this increasing popular event which always sells out.
    Roads start opening up again at 4pm so still time to get out in your cars and do whatever it is that you can't do on Saturday/Monday - we are only talking about 2 days a year with some disruption to our streets, whilst putting a positive focus on Greenwich - be grateful this isn't like Twickenham!!!
    I look forward to seeing many supporters out and about cheering me and all my friends on whilst we raise lots of money for charity.....
  14. GORN Member

    I generally find posts of this kind (that is, a reply from someone who has joined just to big-up something) suspicious, but I shall give it the benfit of the doubt.

    If this event is so popular with local residents, why has there been no local consultation?
    Could you say some more about this "positive focus on Greenwich" - what is the positive focus, and why do feel Greenwich needs it?
    As I understand the plans, they are not limited to closing the roads to cars. The roads are also closed to buses and bicycles, and at some times effectively to pedestrians as well. The plans also seem to call for loud music to played along the route.

    The "whatever it is I can't do on Saturday and Monday" would normally include either a pleasant walk through Greenwich Park or visiting my mother for Sunday lunch, both of which seem to be withheld from me, for no good reason, for commericial gain by IMG.
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  15. GORN Member

    Was anyone here at the meeting this afternoon? How did it go?
    I assume permission was given, but it would be nice to know how much the council rolled over on receipt of the bung, and what was said about next year.
  16. Paul Member

    I have done this run a couple of times. It's a great event that would be a huge shame if it left Greenwich.
    Anything encouraging people to get involved in sport should be welcomed.
    And there is a train line that runs through Woolwich to Depftord.
    I think there is a silent majority who either don't care about the run or enjoy it. Unfortunately its always the loudest people who complain and get heard the most
  17. GORN Member

    Like people comaplining about the Silvertown Tunnel or Lovells Wharf you mean, Paul? ;)
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  18. Darryl Member

    Of course, nobody likes to answer why RTTB makes people angry, while the London Marathon makes people happy.

    The licence conditions, and notes from the licensing meeting, are here:

    http://committees.greenwich.gov.uk/...-2013 17.30 Licensing Sub-Committee C.pdf?T=2

    Worth noting there'll be a new stewarding outfit in charge this year. It may well be the bellyaching and complaining might have created something decent. Or it could be as much of a pain as before. But there's been a lot of pressure on RTTB this year, partly because their efforts were so lamentable last year. So you never know....
  19. GORN Member

    Hang on ... when did the route change to be starting and finsihing in the Park instead of at the Dome? That means we get these noisy herberts at both ends of the day. What does that mean for road closure times?
  20. rob Administrator

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