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Premises licence review: Rose & Crown / Drag Race event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. rob Administrator


    Greenwich Council has received two applications to review the Premises Licences in relation to music / noise from the Rose & Crown pub and the popular annual Drag Race charity street party event outside the pub.

    The application claims the Drag Race has "had a direct and negative impact on local resident living within the vicinity of the event site in the form of noise nuisance. And that the existing activities, times and conditions on the licence, along with the manner in which the event has been run in previous years, have proven to be insufficient in striking the right balance between hosting an event to be enjoyed by the wider community and show due respect and regard to those living within close proximity."

    More information is on the council's Licence register page
  2. I think it would a shame if a unique event like this that lends colour to the area gets restricted. It's only once a year and is attended by locals - gay and straight - from all over Greenwich. It's something of an institution and one that reflects well on SE10.
  3. Alan Palmer Member

    I agree. I think the same happened last year, but the applications failed. I hope it carries on.

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