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Press release on Enderby group - community campaign on Enderby Wharf and telecommunications heritage

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. rob Administrator

    Press release received from Enderby Wharf community campaign...

    Members of the Enderby Group are still hard at work trying to secure ongoing recognitions of our heritage in whatever the future holds for Enderby House. The developer is required to put the house back into a decent condition under the terms of the Planning Consent – but what then?? One group of our members has been talking to various developers and interested parties, but, as most people will be aware a lot has been going on both with proposals for the Enderby site itself and on some of its neighbours. Much will need to be resolved before we can move forward.

    Meanwhile members have been working hard on getting over the Enderby heritage message. Richard Buchanan has been talking to any local group interested in hearing about the site and its importance in the history of international communications. He is happy to take bookings – so please get in touch. richardjbuchanan@aol.com

    Stewart Ash has written a series of pieces on the history of the site. The whole text for these are on the Atlantic Cable Web site – this is a vast American site run by the English enthusiast, Bill Burns – and thank you Bill for doing this. The links are:

    In addition Stewart has written three pieces complementing these which are on the Ballast Quay website:
    About the Enderby Wharf Jetty: http://www.ballastquay.com/relics-of-a-glorious-history.html ;
    About the Enderby family http://www.ballastquay.com/the-eponymous-enderbys.html
    about Brunel’s Great Eastern and its role in laying Greenwich made cable http://www.ballastquay.com/isambard-kingdom-brunel.html
    Stewart would be happy to communicate with anyone interested in these histories: Stewart.ash2@btinternet.com

    Mary Mills and Ian Worley have both had articles, relevant to the site, published in ‘East of Eden’ which is mainly highlighting the work of architecture students at Greenwich University – it is a weighty tome, and anyone interested should enquire through the university bookshop.

    We also hope to bring out something about other industrial achievements on the Peninsula – and Mary Mills is working on this – we need to engage the interest of local people, politicians and developers that there is something special here, which is unique to the Greenwich Peninsula and in particular Enderby Wharf.

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