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Recommended trader for bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling replacement?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GORN, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. GORN Member

    Following a water leak, I need to have my bathroom floor and kitchen ceiling replaced, and the WC in the bathroom replaced (and possibly some little bits).

    Can anyone recommend a good local trader for the work? I'm in the Royal Standard area.
  2. Helen Wright Member

    I highly recommend Nick from Bespoke Plumbing and Heating. Nick and his team recently replaced my bathroom and kitchen and did a brilliant job.

    His number is: 07983 337669
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  3. GORN Member

    Cheers, Helen. Did they do any floor and ceiling work for you as well, or did they just do plumbing and tiling?

    Also, Rob - does your "like" on this indicate that Helen is known to you, as I'd normally be a little wary of a recommendation from someone who seemed to have joined the forum just to post it.
  4. Helen Wright Member

    They reskimmed the ceiling and walls for me as they'd had water damage from the flat above. Only tiled the floors though. He does build extensions, so I'm sure he'd be able to help.
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  5. GORN Member

    Brill - thanks for that.
  6. Warren Member

    Blackheath Decorating Services are worth contacting. They have done all good quality work on projects around Greenwich and Blackheath. Tim - 07961 387 643
  7. GORN Member

    Thanks, Warren - have given Tim a call as well.

    Any other suggestions, folks?
  8. GORN Member

    Tim came along today to survey the work. Lovely chap. Hoping Nick will call me back at some point.
    Meanwhile, if anyone has other recommendations, I could do with a third person to take a look.
  9. GORN Member

    I had Tim from BDS and his oppo Dave do this work (Nick from Bespoke just didn't get back to me, despite a couple of calls).
    I am very pleased with the quality of work done by Tim & Chris (and the plasterer Pete who was there one day), and their flexibility to take on extra items that became apparent during the work. I thoroughly recommend them, and am about to engage them for sme other work.

    Rob - any mileage in having a register of recommended tradesmen on the site? Not sure how we could police the recommendations to make sure they are genuine.

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