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Studio 338: Noise Pollution (Peninsula)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by simon, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. simon Member

  2. Darryl Member

    I cycled past there at about 9pm the other Saturday night and it was incredibly loud - I did wonder about noise drifting across the peninsula (and even beyond - Isle of Dogs residents can hear a lot of stuff from our side...)
  3. Mary Member

    That place has been a pain for years and years and years and there have been endless hearings and licence removals. I think it is under new management (again!!) now. Happy to give details
  4. Scott New Member

    Long live somewhere to go clubbing! Too many NIMBYs in Britain now.
  5. Mr H Member

    Scott - it's great that there's somewhere to go clubbing in Greenwich but it should effect the local residents too much.
    You have also to be considerate to those who want a peaceful nights sleep after a hard week of work.

    Also you have to consider why the licence keeps getting revoked. There must be others issues too.

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