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Tall Ships

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GORN, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. GORN Member

    So, who had what sort of fab time at the tall ships events over the weekend?
    I managed my usual foul-up with these sorts of Greenwich events - I found out too late, did too little planning, scampered around getting stressed, and missed the best!

    What were the best bits for locals here?
  2. rob Administrator

    I must admit I enjoyed lots of it! As a bit of a ship spotter, I loved watching Dar Mlodziezy (the big Polish one) arriving at East Greenwich shortly before sunset last week. The crew parade was a fun event through packed Greenwich streets. Seeing the huge clipper Stad Amsterdam make an unexpected appearance in front of the ORNC on Saturday was a brilliant moment (she wasn't really part of the event but came pas Greenwich for a cameo upon leaving West India Docks). Finding some quiet spots to watch the ships from the Isle of Dogs, away from the crowds, was nice too. And then the stunning sight of the ships heading down river yesterday was as spectacular as billed, I think!

    Do think it was especially unfortunate that the foot tunnel had one of its lifts out of service though but at least people were being made aware of it before walking across.
  3. lxtwin New Member

    The best and worse.
    Best - The ships were great as was the atmosphere.
    Worse - The broken lifts at the foot tunnel and seeing old people struggle up stairs. - This should have been fixed.

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