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Save the Green

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Scott New Member


    Does anybody know what is currently happening to the Green on Creek Road opposite the primary school?

    Is it actually common land? And what do they want to build there?

    It does seem a real shame to lose a nice bit of green plus a stunning mural that was on the wall.

    Kudos to the guy that's trying to save it.
  2. Mr H Member

    By looking at the other developments nearby, it will probably by more flats!

    I agree, the green was a nice piece of land, now Greenwich has become an overdeveloped mass of concrete.
    The council have been too short term in their approach in putting high rise flats.
    A high density of people in such a small area leads to so many other problems (local infrastructure, public services, anti social behaviours), and in most cases these flats are not suitable for the average worker (prices are too high) or fit for purpose (not great for families).
  3. Chris Member

    I drove past it today. There are a couple of sets of double-decker Portacabins on it so that's it.
  4. Scott New Member

    So I was quit shocked to see 3 storys going up over the road! How is the 'town' going to handle the increase in traffic alone?

    Greenwich would be idyllic if it went for the hunking great road that runs through the middle.

    What is this development going to be? Who approved 3 storys? And will fit in with the surrounding architecture?

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